Apparel Sizing Chart:
Lucky Bums Size
Extra Small
Extra Large
Youth Equivalent
Youth size 5 - 6
Youth size 7 - 8
Youth size 10 - 12
Youth size 12 - 14
Youth size 16 - 18

Backpack Sizing & Load:
Our packs are engineered for kids and therefore sized based on torso length. Fit is the key to pack performance so take the time to get it right. To find torso length, measure the back along the spine from the level of the iliac crest (the top of the hipbones) to the C7 (the knobby bone at the base of the neck). Our adjustable shoulder and hip belt straps will enable the necessary fit after selecting the suitable pack. A properly fitted hip belt rides centered over the hipbones and needs to be snug for maximum carrying efficiency.

When is comes to the backpack load, we recommend less than ¼ or 25% of the child’s own body weight in total backpack weight. That’s why we engineer our packs carrying capacity in conjunction with size/torso measurements. We cringe when we see kids with adult sized packs strapped on practically falling backwards under the weight of the load - most noticeable during the school year. We’re working on this problem so stay tuned.

Snow Sports Helmet Sizing Chart:
To determine the right helmet size, simply measure the circumference of the head above the ears and around the forehead. All of our helmets come with a micro adjust feature for super fine fitting adjustments to ensure the proper fit within each size.

Winter Sport Helmet Sizing Chart (in cm) XS S M L XL
Youth/Adult Helmets 52-53 54-55 56-58 59-60 61
Toddler Helmets 48-50 51-53

In-Mold Helmet Sizing Chart (in cm) S M L
Youth/Adult Helmets 54-55 56-58 59-60
In-Mold Toddler Helmet Sizing Chart (in cm) XS/S M/L
Toddler Helmets 48-50 51-53

This conversion chart including the approximate inches equivalent values may be helpful too.
48-50=19-20 inches
51-53=20-21 inches
53-54=21-21.5 inches
55-56=21.5-22 inches
57-58=22.5-23 inches
59-60=23-23.5 inches
61=24+ inches