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Here's To Winter


From our family to yours, THANK YOU for shopping small.

  • "Went up to the mountains with two kids (2 & 8 yrs) and they used this sled every day. It is lightweight, which is a plus for small kids to pull it in the snow. But even with both kids in it, it was sturdy. It was super slippery on the snow- faster than the other sleds we were using. The sled tracks straight due to the three 'fins' along the bottom, preventing it from sliding sideways and helping keep control."

    E. Heinrich

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  • "We have been using the Kids Ski Trainer Harness this season and it has been nothing short of extraordinary for helping our kids become comfortable on the slopes. It's comfortable for the kids to wear, the straps fit into the backpack of it really easily when waiting in line for a lift. We let our friends use it and they loved it so much they bought one of their own."

    Todd O.

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  • Kid sledding

    "My 2 year old loves these skis! They are step-in style and accommodate regular snow-boots (she's a toddler shoe size 5, will have room to grow). She stayed clipped in the whole time. We used these on a kids 'adventure center' learning slope and I held my daughter as we rode the magic carpet. They are absolutely perfect for working on standing balance, sliding her skis forward, and just introducing to skiing."


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  • "WOW. I did not have high expectations for these as they are cheap and beginners skis... but holy cow. These are not made cheaply and are great quality. Yes you can go down a mountain with them, but backyard or sledding hill would be great. I'm very pleasantly surprised and would highly recommend."

    Eric B.

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  • "4 years ago my 4 year old learned to ski with the Trainer and Easy Wedge. This year my 2 year old also learned using the same equipment. I would never even consider going to the slopes without the Trainer. By the 2nd day he was going down by himself and by the 3rd day he was going down blues! The handle is such an important feature. Getting on/off the lift... and to literally pick him up when he fell asleep in the snow (at the top of a run!)."

    Kathryn W.

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  • "Want to barrel down the hillside as fast as humanly possible? Well here's your winner. This durable sled will take you from top to bottom in seconds of spine tingling, eye watering, lip chapping fun. The rope attached is just enought to give you that false sense of safety for when you wipe-out; but just long enough for your husband to drag back the remains of your exhausted kids."

    William K.

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