About Us

Lucky Bums was founded in 2004 by a husband and wife who have a passion for spending time outdoors with their family. The inspiration for Lucky Bums came when they were teaching their first son to ski in 1997. They realized that there was a need for a product that would help young children learn to ski with ease. That's when they created the Ski Trainer, the first product of its kind on the market.

Today, Lucky Bums is still a small family business- dedicated to providing families with high-quality, affordable outdoor gear that makes it easier for children to enjoy and explore the great outdoors. Our products are designed with the needs of families in mind. From nurturing a love of skiing and snowboarding, to dominating the sledding hill, Lucky Bums has everything you need to get outside and make memories with your loved ones.

We believe that our close-knit team allows us to maintain a personal touch with our customers and ensures that we stay true to our values. When you shop with Lucky Bums, you can trust that you're supporting a small, family-run business that is committed to making a difference in the lives of families who love the outdoors.