Lucky Bums Snow Kids Torpedo Sled

The lightweight yet virtually indestructible Lucky Bums Classic Torpedo Sled is fun for kids and adults alike thanks to the simplicity and durability of its design. Even a smaller child or a larger adult should be able to fit on this sled thanks to its groovy design: bum seat, foot rest and hand holds. You don’t need to sit cross-legged to enjoy this ride. 

Works well in all sorts of snow. From slush to ice to powder to those perfect large, downy flakes this sled is solid & smooth so expect it to slip along over all sorts of wintry precipitation with ease. 

Highly recommended. This very popular and attractive sled is highly recommended by customers to their friends. 

Steering. The ability to grip the hand holds and lean your whole body into a turn gives this sled a medium “steerability” rating. Be sure to always have a wide-open sled run clear of friends and obstacles. 

Core Users. Best for kids 8 to 108 years old. Please wear a helmet when enjoying the sport of sledding. 


  • Measures 33.5” x 20.25” x 3.5
  • Weighs 2 pounds
  • Durable BPA and Phthalate free construction
  • Built in handles

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