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Lucky Bums

Lucky Bums Toddler Kids Beginner Snow Skis

Lucky Bums Toddler Kids Beginner Snow Skis

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The Lucky Bums Beginner Skis have a junior rocker profile and kickin’ graphic that encourages toddlers to experience the thrill of first tracks. Stomp around the house, the backyard or any gentle slope to practice ski sliding and duck-walking.

 Get ‘em started young. Starting out in this snow play way makes learning to ski more intuitive so progression comes quicker and easier. Learning to ski is all about confident progress, when everyone is ready to advance to the chairlift, talk to a ski pro about a good rental. Trust me, soon you’ll be working to progress too just to keep up. 

Get ‘em started confidently. Focus on moving, playing and having fun without fear of losing control. 

Ski Terrain. Packed snow, flat to gentle slope. These skis do not have metal edges therefore are not suitable for chairlift accessed ski runs. 

Fit. Adjustable binding adapts to fit most Toddler boots size 4-7. 

Core Users. Suited for Toddlers aged 4 and under. 


  • Ski measures 27” long
  • Scale pattern on the bottom helps to prevent backwards sliding and provides grip in a variety of snow conditions
  • Durable BPA and Phthalate free construction
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    "Lucky Bums equipment is a must-have for littles learning to ski."

    Kathryn W.