Lucky Bums Youth Folding Arm Chair with Cup Holder

Our Portable, Lightweight Camp Chair Is the Perfect Outdoor Accessory for Relaxing. This chair can go with your family anywhere, and it will hold up to the outdoors with ease. Family expeditions, outdoor adventures, and more aren’t complete unless you get to relax, too. When it’s time to pull up a chair in front of the campfire and unwind, make sure you grab a Lucky Bums Youth Folding Arm Chair with Cup Holder for the kids. This is the ultimate camp chair for comfort, portability, durability, and, best of all, family time. Pull up a Seat for the Kids with the Folding Portable Lightweight Camp Chair with Cup Holder. When it’s time to pull up a seat in the great outdoors, give the kids their own special spot. This folding, lightweight camp chair is sturdy, comfortable, convenient, and the perfect size. Relax in Nature and Pull up a Chair. Your family’s quality time in nature takes on many forms. You’re not always on the move – sometimes you need to sit down and take it all in, whether for a meal or a shared moment of togetherness. With the right chairs, you can settle down anywhere there’s a bit of shade or a beautiful view.

  • COMFORTABLE YET STURDY – This chair’s comfort is matched by its sturdy construction. It’s made with a solid steel frame that’s tough yet lightweight. The ventilated mesh seat and back will help keep kids cool on warm summer nights.
  • SAFE AND SECURE – Along with a steel frame, this camp chair features non-skid feet so it won’t slide around. Plus, once it’s unfolded, you can engage the safety lock mechanism to make sure it stays locked in place while your kids are sitting in it.
  • PORTABLE AND PACKABLE – This camp chair folds up easily and slides into an included carry bag for the ultimate in portability. Once it’s stashed away in its bag, it will fit just about anywhere you want to stow it. It’s also light and easy to carry if you’re headed out on a long trek to your campsite.
  • THE PERFECT SEAT FOR KIDS – This youth folding camp chair is the perfect size for kids. They’ll love having their own special seat for your outdoor excursions, whether that means fishing, camping, or some other activity. Kids get their pick of two colors, pink or navy.
  • ALWAYS READY FOR RELAXING – Whenever it’s time to relax, this chair will be ready to go. Whip it out for impromptu meals al fresco – kids can stow their drink in the attached cup holder. Pull it up to the campfire for s’mores, or pull it into a circle of chairs for good old-fashioned family time in nature.

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