Powder Coated Metal Flying Saucer Sled

The lightweight and virtually indestructible Lucky Bums Classic Metal Flying Saucer Sled is fun for kids and adults alike thanks to the simplicity and durability of its design. Even a smaller child or a larger adult should be able to fit on this sled thanks to its 26-inch diameter. And despite being made of metal, the saucer only weighs six pounds, so even a younger child can carry it back up the hill. 

Works well in all sorts of snow. From slush to ice to powder to those perfect large, downy flakes. While a runner sled bogs down on lighter, fluffier snow and while a toboggan can sink into slushier snow under a larger rider's weight, this smooth disc will slip along over all sorts of wintry precipitation with ease. 

Highly recommended. One Customer speaks for many Lucky Bums saucer owners when she says: "They are well built" with a "quality that is rarely seen these days. We love these saucer sleds." 

Steering. This sled has a no “steerability” rating. If you've seen the classic comedy "Christmas Vacation" starring Chevy Chase, then you have seen the dark side of the flying saucer style sled. Make sure you have a wide-open sled run clear of friends and obstacles. NEVER apply grease, it’s not needed. 

Core Users. Best for kids 8 to 105 years old. Please always wear a helmet when enjoying the sport of sledding. 


  • 26” diameter
  • Tips the scale at just under 6 pounds
  • Metal
  • Single Rider
  • Built in rope handles

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